Over 50 years worth of experience

Technical Advice is a global consulting company for textile and leather manufacturing.

Committed with a better life quality and a better world, Technical Advice is pushing through sustainability, innovation and optimization to contribute to the textile industry from fiber to garment.

Technical Advice was established in 2002 and has over 50 years’ worth of experience and textile manufacturing knowledge to call on. Having been involved in all aspects of textile manufacturing, from wet processing mills to fabric and yarn processes. As well as all aspects of leather manufacturing from beamhouse, wet-end and finishing process. Technical Advice is now offering textile and leather consulting services to organisations across the whole of Europe, North Africa, Turkey and Asia.

Technical Advice can provide an end-to-end textile and leather quality control guarantee by getting involved in all aspects of the process from the very beginning, at the garment and/or fabric design to the finished goods. Technical Advice introduces intelligent, proactive and predictive control steps where needed in order to ensure the highest possible quality of product at the right time. 


Impact isn't something that happens by itself, it just needs the right boost.

Optimizing processes and increasing savings through a sustainable path is the only feasible way of improving the textile and leather industry.

Technical Advice puts its accumulated experience and expertise at the service of innovation and circular economy. Creative solutions with instant impact for the industry and the planet. New ideas, new methods and new paths unexplored yet to achieve better results and lightening the environmental footprint.

Phasing out substances of concern and microfiber release; drastically improving recycling by revolutionizing clothing design, reprocessing; and making efficient use of resources and transitioning to renewable input. The first step is always to achieve highly reduced levels of sources like energy, water or chemicals used in both textile and leather manufacturing process. The next improvement is to leverage the remaining resources to grant them a new cycle.

We increase coverage

Technical Advice not only helps to increase manufacturing throughput and output, but also solves problems in the manufacturing process, both textile and leather, by addressing manufacturing deviations as they occur at any point during the production cycle.
In addition to offering constructive solutions to problems with textile, leather and garment quality, one of Technical Advice's most valuable services is to offer experience, guidance and advice on regulatory/health and safety deviations extending way beyond the levels achieved during the usual quality control stage.


Tailoring knowledge to spread the word.

Technical Advice can also offer a huge set of training programs, specifically targeted to meet the needs and requirements of a wide variety of organizational entities, such as designers, purchasing departments, logistics and sustainable departments. If there is a gap, Technical Advice fills it with expertise and experience.

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